Episode 1.02 : Part Two

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Episode Premiere

March 16, 2014





Show Period

2014 - Now

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Pilgrim Studios

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After living in a New York City hotel for more than a month, Lindsay has finally found an apartment that is willing to take her. But just as she's about to get the keys, the leasing company asks for a large deposit.

As Lindsay struggles to maintain her sanity while living in a hotel, her mother, Dina, gets arrested for driving under the influence and once again puts the Lohan family front and center in the tabloids.

A visit from Lindsay's formerly estranged father, Michael, stirs up old tensions. They meet for lunch and get into a heated argument; however, the fight is short-lived and ultimately reminds Lindsay of how far they have come in their ability to communicate with one another.

The arrival of celebrity fitness trainer and life coach A.J. Johnson helps Lindsay begin thinking about establishing a healthy lifestyle. Then, after 49 days of living in a hotel, Lindsay signs a lease and moves into her new apartment.

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