Lincoln Heights

Episode 4.06 : With You I Will Leave

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October 19, 2009


ABC Family


Drama, Family

Show Period

2007 - 2009

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ABC Family

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All is not well in Chassieland. Ever since the earthquake, Cassie feels like she and Charles have been growing apart. And when she finds out that Charles told Sage about the money before he told her... well, it doesn't do much to bring the closer together. Cassie follows Sage's advice to take a breather from Charles, and goes out dancing with Sage and her friends Tad and Serge -- without Charles. It's a fun night, until Serge corners Cassie in the restroom. Cassie knocks him down. (Go, Cassie!) When Charles checks on her later at the Rev, Cassie bassically tells him she doesn't need him to watch out for her. Ouch. Lizzie can't stop dreaming about Johnny. Nightingale, and it's keeping her from dating the dreamy Andrew. When she dances with Andrew at the Outreach Center, there's an obvious spark. But when he tries to kiss her, she turns away. Lizzie tells her dad that Johnny doesn't want to let go of her, but Eddie says maybe she's the one who doesn't want to say goodbye. In the end, Lizzie says farewell to Johnny and promises never to forget him -- and then she shares a unforgettable kiss with Andrew. As love love blooms between Lizzie and Andrew, there's no love lost between Jenn and Dana. When Dana's son Jarone gets into trouble, Eddie steps in -- much to Jenn's chagrin. It reaches a boiling point when Jenn and Dana argue and Jenn fires her from the clinic. But then something happens to remind everyone about what's really important. Nate Ray's unit has been attacked, and two unidentified American soldiers have been killed. As the Suttons, Dana, and Jarone wait for word from the Army, they realize that all that matters is family. Jenn and Dana finally accept that they share a deep connection they can't ignore. In fact, it gives them strength. Jenn rehires Dana and promotes her to office assistant, and she and Eddie offer to pay for Jarone's tuition at a private school far from dangerous influences in Lincoln Heights. The Army finally calls to say that Nate Ray has been wounded and that he's in surgery. They don't know how serious his injuries are, but at least he's alive. This time, Cassie reaches out to Charles for support -- and he comes through with flying colors. He arrives at the house with a box of doughnuts an a shoulder to learn on. With everyone together and the feeling of family stronger than ever, all that's left to do is wait.

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