Lincoln Heights

Episode 4.03 : Aftershock

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September 28, 2009


ABC Family


Drama, Family

Show Period

2007 - 2009

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ABC Family

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Weeks after the quake, the Suttons experience an aftershock that has nothing to do with the earth moving. Jenn and Eddie discover that someone has chased their checks from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). And they're not alone. Eddie stops a riot from breaking out at the local FEMA office, but it's Jenn who gets to the bottom of the situation. She learns that a former FEMA agent named Ethan Wilkes has been defrauding families of their checks, so she sets up a sting and nabs him. But what they learn is even more shocking than someone stealing money from families in need: Bishop is back in Lincoln Heights, looking to get even with Eddie. First, one of his men attacks Tay and puts him in the hospital. Then, another henchman goes after Lizzie, but Eddie stops him. And it turns out that Ethan Wilkes is also working fro Bishop. All the while, Bishop's hiding in plain sight, posing as a wounded Iraq War veteran in Nate Ray's support group. Bishop gets Nate Ray alone and is about to kill him when Eddie bursts in. Shots ring out. Eddie's hit, but he's saved by his bulletproof vest. Bishop's not so lucky: Nate Ray shoots him dead. Meanwhile, Charles struggles with what to do about the money he found in cassie's attic. He hopes the cash will finally make his mother happy -- and make her happy with him. But when she finds the money and turns greedy, Charles realizes that his dream are in vain. He knows the Suttons are struggling financially too, so he leaves the money in a bag for Eddie to find. Nate Ray makes an announcement that shocks everyone: He's reenlisting in the army. Eddie's sad to see him go but supports his decision... but that's not all. Nate Ray lost someone in Iraq -- his fiancee was killed by a roadside bomb. He's compelled to go back and fight for her and the others he left behind. The biggest surprise, however, is that Tay is sorry to see Nate Ray go. During the Bishop scare, Tay saw how much Nate Ray cares about his new family, and it makes him realize that Nate Ray is really his big brother.

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