Legend of the Seeker

Episode 2.07 : Resurrection

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 09, 2010


Disney-ABC Domestic Television


Drama, Action, Fantasy

Show Period

2008 - 2010

Production Company

ABC Studios, Ghost House Pictures, Buckaroo Ent.

Cast and Crew


Jesse Warn


Mike Sussman

Main Cast


Zedd, Richard, Cara and Kahlan track a troublemaking general to a brothel, run by the former Mord'Sith Denna. Determined to rule over the Midlands, Denna resurrects Kahlan's sister, Dennee, and convinces her to kill Cara. Similarly, she kills Richard and resurrects one of her followers in his body, intending to use him as a pawn in her plot, to rule the Midlands by proxy. Lord Rahl offers Richard the ability to return as a baneling which he refuses accepting indefinite torture. Elsewhere, Kahlan, Zedd and Cara rightly guess due to magical indicators that although Richard body is alive the person inside of it is not Richard. They also know to rescue Richard the occupant of his body must die. Kahlan confesses a D'haran guard to gain access to the Mistress Denna's chamber interrupting Mistress Denna from consummating her relationship with the new inhabitant of Richard's body. A fight ensues and Richard is killed and Denna loses her newly acquired power over Lord Rahl's army alone she leaves. And although not shown Cara revives Richard and his soul his brought back into his body. Unable to send Kahlan's sister back to the underworld she remains alive. And now there are two confessors in the world.

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