The Legend of Korra

Episode 1.12 : Endgame

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Episode Premiere

June 23, 2012




Animation, Adventure, Fantasy

Show Period

2012 - now

Production Company

Mirari Films, Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Cast and Crew


Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu


Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

Main Cast


Bolin, Asami and Iroh try to breach the airfield, but are captured by Hiroshi Sato's Equalists. They break out thanks to Korra's polar bear dog Naga, and as Asami and Bolin take down Hiroshi and his mecha-tanks, Iroh pursues and destroys the Equalist bombers that took off to attack the United Forces fleet. Meanwhile, Korra and Mako confront Amon at a rally in the former pro-bending arena, intending to expose him as a bender. Amon then reveals that he has captured Tenzin and his family. Korra and Mako free Tenzin's family, whom Amon had intended to de-bend on stage, but in the bowels of the arena Amon overpowers Mako and Korra, and removes her bending. Amon bloodbends Mako, Korra knocks Amon into the water by successfully airbending at last, and his escape unmasks him publicly as a waterbender. He flees Republic City with the desolate Tarrlok, who uses an Equalist lightning glove to detonate their motor boat on the open sea. Later, at the South Pole, Katara is unable to heal Korra's severance from water, earth, and fire. As she sits weeping at a cliff's edge, Aang and the other former Avatars appear to her; Aang restores her connection to the other three elements, explaining that her despondency finally allowed her to break her spiritual block. After the lovestruck Korra and Mako kiss, she enters the Avatar State to restore Lin Beifong's bending.

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