Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Episode 8.08 : The Glory That Was

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Episode Premiere

June 14, 2009


NBC, USA Network


Drama, Crime

Show Period

2001 - 2011

Production Company

NBC Universal, Studios USA TV, Universal Network

Cast and Crew


Norberto Barba


Robert Nathan

Main Cast

Additional Cast


In this second episode of the eighth season, we introduce our new lead, Zack Nichols (played by Jeff Goldblum), to the series. Together with Meghan Wheeler (played by Julianne Nicholson), the detectives of New York City's Major Case Squad find themselves on the world stage, untangling the dark politics behind the Olympic Site Selection Committee.

At the top of the show, a wealthy Belgian diplomat, Caroline Walters, is found murdered in Central Park. Nearby, a second body is discovered: a former secret service agent hired to protect Caroline Walters. Nichols and Wheeler begin their investigation at the Belgian Consulate, where they meet high-profile security consultant, Jack Tayler. Tayler, it turns out, hired the now-dead agent meant to protect Caroline Walters.

The detectives turn their attention to threats made against Caroline Walters, and soon a DVD surfaces that suggests Ms. Walters was being blackmailed: the DVD contains images of her making love with another woman, Laura Green.

When interrogated, Laura Green claims that she, too, was being blackmailed. But soon, when her story fails to hold up, and after an assassination attempt on her life, Nichols and Wheeler know they have their killer: Laura Green was the blackmailer and someone now wants her dead. The detectives know that someone else is involved.

Nichols, in what will be a signature element of the show, retreats from the case, in order to garner perspective. In this episode, he goes to the Film Forum, in Greenwich Village, to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's. It is while watching the film that he finally puts the pieces together.

In the aria of the show, Nichols interrogates security consultant, Jack Taylor, who has branch offices throughout the world. Pulling on the strings that hold the tightly wound Taylor together, Nichols leads Taylor directly into a noose of self-incrimination. Taylor expected to win a security contract in Rio de Janeiro. Caroline Walters, it turns out, was the vote he needed on the Olympic Site Selection Committee that would throw the Olympics to Rio.

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