Kyle XY

Episode 2.18 : Between the Rack and a Hard Place

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

February 11, 2008


ABC Family


Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Show Period

2006 - 2009

Production Company

ABC Stud., BenderSpink, Kyle XY Prod., Touchstone

Cast and Crew


James Head


James Stoteraux, Chad Fiveash

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Chris Kelly
  • Christie Laing
  • David Pauls


Kyle wants to be Amanda's first customer, that is. It's her first day of work at The Rack, and he's there to support her. But when Amanda takes a break for a little alone time with Kyle, someone lifts $120 out of the cash register. And Josh, who's manager for the day, is left holding the bag.

Meanwhile, Brian Taylor is playing with Jessi's paranoid tendencies: Kyle doesn't like her: Kyle hates her because he's jealous of her. Jessi falls for it and shows up at The Rack to confront Kyle.

Amanda doesn't want Kyle spending any time with Jessi. She can't stand that he trusts Jessi with secrets he won't even admit to Amanda. Until that changes. Amanda can't keep seeing Kyle.

Kyle wants to tell Amanda the truth, but he's afraid: What if she doesn't like who really is?

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