Kyle XY

Episode 2.04 : Balancing Act

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

July 02, 2007


ABC Family


Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Show Period

2006 - 2009

Production Company

ABC Stud., BenderSpink, Kyle XY Prod., Touchstone

Cast and Crew


Michael Robison


Steven Lilien, Bryan Wynbrandt

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Mi-Jung Lee


Everyone is set to celebrate Josh's 16th birthday in style. Stephen promises him a car and the whole family is going out to Josh's favorite restaurant. Then Stephen loses his job and with it goes Josh's hope of his own wheels.

Luckily, dinner is still on, but that turns sour when Declan blows off Lori and Kyle fails to show up at all. What's Declan doing anyway? Kyle warned him to bow out but now he's followed him to the warehouse where Tom Foss puts Kyle through his paces. Seems he should have listened.

When he gets home there's an envelope waiting. Inside? A picture of Lori with an X across her face. Nicole's being put through her paces too but she's yet to realize it.Seems the new patient she's taken on is one Jessi better known as XX.

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