Kitchen Nightmares

Episode 1.14 : Trobiano's

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Episode Premiere

September 25, 2008





Show Period

2007 - now

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Granada Entertainment, A. Smith & Co. Prod.

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Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Trobiano's, an Italian restaurant in Great Neck, NY, that's a half-million dollars in debt. Owner and Executive Chef Anthony Trobiano's girlfriend's parents have thrown their life savings into his restaurant and the failing business has their relationship on the rocks. He needs Gordon's help to turn his business around and help mend his relationship with girlfriend Tiffany. However, when Chef Ramsay confronts Anthony about the cleanliness of the kitchen and the not-so-tasty food, it leads to an all-out confrontation and Chef Ramsay walks out. Bon Apptit magazine has a reservation for re-launch night, so both the front of the house and the kitchen must be ready to impress. Will the family and Gordon be able to get back on track and help this nightmare end?

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