The Kennedys

Episode 1.05 : Moral Issues and Inner Turmoil

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Episode Premiere

April 07, 2011




Drama, History

Show Period

2011 - 2011

Production Company

Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Asylum Ent.

Cast and Crew


Jon Cassar


Stephen Kronish

Main Cast


Escalating racial tensions in the summer of 1961 form the backdrop of episode five, which sees Jack turn to Vice-President Lyndon Johnson for help in handling the Southern Congressional delegation. Segregation presents further challenges to the Kennedy presidency when James Meredith tries to enroll in the whites-only University of Mississippi. An intransigent Governor Ross R. Barnett inflames the gathered mob, leading Jack to order out the Mississippi National Guard, culminating in the Ole Miss riot of 1962. Jackie grows more dependent on amphetamines, leading Jack to confront her and Jackie to confess her fears to him. Joe suffers a massive debilitating stroke. Caring for him leads Rose to recall her daughter Rosemary and her emotional problems, which led to Joe's decision to have Rosemary lobotomized in 1941..

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