Jane by Design

Episode 1.14 : The Second Chance

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Episode Premiere

June 26, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2012 - 2012

Production Company

Pariah Television

Cast and Crew


Millicent Shelton


Melissa Carter

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Jane and Ben have different reactions to their mother being back in their lives. Jane is thrilled about Kate's return, but Ben is not nearly as welcoming. He can't help but expect the worst. Jane spends time catching up with her mother, but Kate remains mum on the details of where she's been. Things are going well -- until Kate shows up at Donovan Decker. Jane freaks out when she sees her mother with Gray! Thankfully, Jane manages to tell her mom in private about her double-life, so Kate agrees not to tell Gray her real age. But Gray invites Kate to the Harrods party that evening, so the coast isn't completely clear yet.

Meanwhile, Jane has bigger problems. She confronts Jeremy about his confession that he was the mole. She wants him to tell Gray -- or she will. Later, Jane learns that Jeremy left town and took the Harrods designs with him! Jane, Eli and India all work together to create new designs in time for the party that evening. They manage to do the impossible and impress Harrods! After the party, Jane tearfully reveals the truth to Gray: Jeremy's gone and he was the mole.... not India.

Back at home, Jane, Ben and Kate have an important talk. Kate apologizes to her children for not being there and begs for another chance. Elsewhere, Nick has bad news: he tore a ligament in his shoulder and may never be able to pitch again. Plus, Rita intends to fight Amanda for Ben. And Billy finds out that Zoe's been lying to him about being poor.

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