Jane by Design

Episode 1.02 : The Runway

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Episode Premiere

January 10, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2012 - 2012

Production Company

Pariah Television

Cast and Crew


Michael Lange


April Blair

Main Cast


Jane's two worlds collide when the school dance is scheduled for the same night as a big event to introduce Donovan's new line. And to further complicate things, Jane is surprised when Gray trusts her with a big assignment for the party. Despite India's attempt to sabotage Jane, the young designer works diligently to create something that will impress Gray.

Meanwhile, Nick catches Billy and Lulu kissing. To Billy's surprise, Nick says he'll stay quiet about his discovery -- but he would like Billy's help in getting Jane to go to the winter formal with him. Needless to say, Jane is shocked when she finds out Nick wants to go with her. And it means she now has no choice but to attend both the dance AND the preview party.

But with the aid of Billy (and some crafty wardrobe changes!), Jane shuttles from the dance to the work party, and back again, with ease until she accidentally lands back at the Donovan preview party wearing the wrong dress...just as Gray makes a surprise arrival of her own. When a wardrobe malfunction happens backstage, it causes the collection being featured on the runway to be one look short. But Jeremy eyes the dress Jane is wearing (one that she created herself!) and decides to feature it at the last minute. Jane is terrified of what Gray will think, but her boss doesn't fire her. Instead, Gray tells her she just might be cut out for the fashion industry after all!

Elsewhere, Jeremy asks Jane out on a proper date and is baffled when she turns him down. Nick ends things with Lulu. And Ben gets a job interview at Jane's school.

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