Episode 1.07 : Poker Face

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Episode Premiere

August 09, 2010


ABC Family



Show Period

2010 - 2010

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment

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Main Cast


Everyone is nervous for the upcoming weigh in. Dr. Rand was surprised to find out that Shay had a daughter and that she needed emergency surgery for meningitis.

George and Poppy decide to tell Dr. Rand about losing Will and Amber on the trip. Amber escapes without getting questioned about kissing George. George tells Amber that it was unfair to kiss her. He tells her that they can't be together at camp but later, when he realizes that he hurt her, pulls her aside and they kiss again.

The campers ask Salty to show them how to play poker. Despite the fact that he used to have a gambling addiction, Salty teaches them. Shay breaks up the party and tells Rand who breaks down on Salty, letting loose that she was homeless growing up because he gambled away the rent. Salty walks out on her, again. But the next morning he's back at work in the kitchen cooking for the campers. She's shocked to see that this time he stuck

around.At the weigh in Amber is saddened to find out she's only lost a few pounds while some of the other campers are happy with their results. Ian refuses to look at his number because his body feels good and that's what matters.

A Seventeen magazine is passed around camp while campers sign the Body Peace Treaty.

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