Episode 1.02 : Letters Home

Huge Poster

TV Info

Episode Premiere

July 05, 2010


ABC Family



Show Period

2010 - 2010

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Ron Lagomarsino


Gayle Abrams

Main Cast


A new girl arrives at camp named Dani. The other girls immediately think she is weird because her parents are with her and she is having anxiety about them leaving. Dani's parents stay and watch the campers at their activities. Dani gets hurt during a sports game and her parents are there to help.

Dr. Rand has gotten an email from Will's parents asking for Will to write home because they have not heard from her., but Will refuses.

Dani's parents finally say goodbye and then her mother tells Dr. Rand that they will be back to check on her in the morning. Dr. Rand tells her this is against camp policy, but her parents refuse to follow the rules.

Dr. Rand tries to send an email to her mother telling her that she has employed her father at the camp but she cannot go through with it and deletes the email several times. Dani's mom approaches Will and compliments her artistic abilities. Dani's entire family attends a basketball game where Will makes a basket.

Will attempts to write her parents a nice letter after the basketball game but ends up tearing it up. Dani has a panic attack and leaves with her family to never be seen again.

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