How I Met Your Mother

Episode 7.06 : Mystery vs. History

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

October 17, 2011




Comedy, Romance

Show Period

2005 - 2014

Production Company

Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Pamela Fryman


Chuck Tatham

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Kal Penn as Kevin
  • Ray Wise
  • Amber Stevens
  • Eleanor Seigler
  • Rachel Sterling
  • Drew Droege


Ted meets a girl at the bar and the two make a pact not to look each other up on the internet beforehand. During Ted's date, Barney and Robin can't help themselves and do a search on his date. Shocked by what they find, they text Ted and encourage him to look her up while she is in the ladies room. Overwhelmed to find out her amazing accomplishments, Ted suddenly feels very insecure and blows his chances with her. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily decide to wait to find out the sex of their baby, so the doctor gives them a sealed envelope with the baby's gender should they change their minds. However, Barney refuses to let it remain a secret and harasses them into letting him open the envelope, tempted to know, Marshall throws the information out the window. While Ted is talking, Marshall notices the paper he threw out the window stuck to bottom of Ted's shoe; it's a boy. Additionally, Kevin as a therapist, can't help but expresses his concerns about their very dysfunctional behavior.

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