How I Met Your Mother

Episode 7.02 : The Naked Truth

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 19, 2011




Comedy, Romance

Show Period

2005 - 2014

Production Company

Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Pamela Fryman


Stephen Lloyd

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Martin Short
  • Jimmi Simpson
  • Ashley Williams
  • Kallee Brookes
  • Nicole Hayden
  • Kristen Henry King


Marshall is offered the job of his dreams at an environmental law firm and is worried that during his background check, they will find immature videos from his past including one in which he is very drunk and streaks. After unsuccessfully attempting to have it taken down, he is convinced he will not get the job. But much to his surprise, he gets the job regardless. Meanwhile, Barney goes out with Nora and can't help but lie to her yet again. After coming completely clean with her, she rejects him, and he vows to stay at the diner until she agrees to go out with him, which she eventually does. In addition, Ted has started dating again but cannot decide which girl to bring as his date to an important event. Realizing he doesn't have feelings for any of them, he takes Robin and when he least expects it, he bumps into his old flame Victoria.

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