How I Met Your Mother

Episode 6.09 : Glitter

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Episode Premiere

November 15, 2010




Comedy, Romance

Show Period

2005 - 2014

Production Company

Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Pamela Fryman


Kourtney Kang

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Barney discovers a copy of Robin's failed Canadian children's series that she starred in as Robin Sparkles called "Space Teens" about two teenage girls who solve crimes (with the help of Alan Thicke) in space using math. The gang becomes obsessed with watching the show as they are convinced everything has a very sexual double entendre and find the whole thing very pornographic, even though Robin insists it is an innocent kids show. The show features Robin and another teen named Jessica Glitter who we learn was Robin's former best friend. Meanwhile, Lily has been obsessed with talking about having a baby and she senses that Robin is starting to pull away a bit. When Liliy becomes convinced that the reason Robin and Jessica Glitter are no longer friends is because Jessica had a baby, Lily breaks up with Robin to avoid the same fate. Marshall tries to repair the situation by taking Lily to meet Jessica who they discover is the organist for the NY Rangers. Jessica reveals that she is the one who ended the friendship with Robin because she no longer had time for her. Lily and Robin make up as Lily acknowledges that there will always be room for Robin in her life, even with a baby. Meanwhile, Ted's high school friend Punchy comes to town and Ted discovers his best childhood friend has not changed much since Ted left Cleveland.

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