How I Met Your Mother

Episode 4.10 : The Fight

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

December 08, 2008




Comedy, Romance

Show Period

2005 - 2014

Production Company

Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Pamela Fryman


Theresa Mulligan Rosenthal

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Ned Rolsma
  • Davis Cleveland
  • Ethan Dizon


When the bartender at MacLaren's gets into a fight with some patrons sitting in the gang's favorite booth, Ted and Barney decide to back the bartender up and get into their first fight. Ted wants to prove he's not the pathetic guy who got left at the alter and Barney wants to impress Robin, who thinks fighting is sexy. But when they step outside and find the bartender, Doug, has knocked the guys out in a flurry and thinks Ted and Barney helped him do it, Ted and Barney decide to go along with the legendary story. The story of the fight makes them heroes at the bar until the guys who got beat up decide to press charges, and Ted and Barney have to decide whether or not to come clean.

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