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Episode 6.07 : Known Unknowns

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November 09, 2009


Fox TV



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2004 - 2012

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Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry

Cast and Crew


Greg Yaitanes


Matthew V. Lewis, Doris Egan

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A group of teenage girls fake their way into a rock concert. The band's drummer takes two of them, Jordan and Phoebe, into the VIP area. The next morning, all the girls meet up for breakfast as Jordan and Phoebe recount their evening of debauchery with the band. Suddenly, Jordan's feet and hands swell up and she passes out.

Wilson packs for a weekend pharmacology conference, assuming House will join him. House isn't going. Later, at the hospital, House diagnoses Jordan as rhabdo. As they test the patient's heart, Chase admits his marriage troubles to Foreman. House recommends Cuddy release Jordan from the hospital and finds out that Cuddy is also going to the weekend conference with Wilson. House informs Wilson that he is coming to the conference, and Wilson guesses that the reason is Cuddy.

Chase doesn't think House should leave because lab results contradict that the patient has rhabdo. House tests Jordan by asking her to drum along to a heavy metal song on his laptop. She struggles to keep up. House deduces that her potassium levels were low the night before and that Jordan is lying about what really occurred.

Chase and Cameron try to get the truth about the previous night from the patient. Jordan sticks to the story, but Phoebe explains that they share a passion for a particular comic book. They didn't actually go to the party but instead followed Keener, the creator of the comic book, through the hotel once they saw that he was there.

Cameron has samples of the food that the girls had eaten, including quail and oysters.� This prompts Foreman to wonder if food is the problem. Cameron thinks bulimia would account for the symptoms. Cameron sheepishly tells Foreman that she followed Chase to the gym to see if he is having an affair.

House and Wilson pick up Cuddy to go on their weekend. She brings the baby along. House notes that Wilson will be giving a lecture at the conference. Meanwhile, Jordan's parents arrive at the hospital and she suffers a cardiac arrest. The team calls House at the conference. House suggests that Jordan's condition is acute and not chronic. This limits it to toxins and infections. When asked about what really happened at the hotel, Jordan lies.

Cameron meets with Keener at the hotel. He knew the teens were following him. Foreman explains to Phoebe that Jordan can't help what she is saying because a bleed in her brain is affecting her thalamus, which causes her to lie. Phoebe states that Jordan left the hotel room in the middle of the night to get ice.

The conference is holding an 80's themed party for the doctors. Cuddy is dressed in the appropriate 1980s style, but House has dressed in attire from the 1780s. House and Cuddy move to the dance floor and reminisce about their early days in med school. House confesses that he was sidetracked from pursuing Cuddy when he was expelled from their school.

The next morning, Wilson gets a call that his sick patient has died. House recounts the night with Cuddy to Wilson, and sees Wilson's lecture on his laptop. House is shocked that the topic is euthanasia. He tries to convince Wilson not to give his lecture and ruin his career. Later, Wilson approaches Cuddy to find out what happened with House. She says she needs a more stable man than House in her life.

The hotel security video reveals that Jordan did not get ice but instead went to Keener's door with his journal in her hand. Chase and Cameron confront Keener. He denies any contact with Jordan.

Jordan is suffering with bleeding behind her kidneys. Cameron thinks it is from a toxic reaction and blames Keener for giving her drugs. She suggests that they administer a truth serum to the patient. Chase brings up the idea that Cameron is mad at him and is taking it out on Keener instead.

House pours a glass of grape soda for Wilson in their hotel room. Wilson suggests that House babysit for Cuddy. He suddenly begins to sway, realizing that House has drugged him. Wilson passes out. House goes to Cuddy's room and finds Lucas, the young private detective that House once hired, sitting in her room, holding the baby.

Jordan tells the doctors and her parents a story about Keener drugging her and forcing himself on her. From thermal imaging of her eyes, Foreman realizes that Jordan is not being honest. The team decides to test Jordan for Rickettsia, which she may have caught from Keener's dog. The brain bleed is getting worse, and this is their last shot at diagnosis.

Foreman calls House and a drowsy Wilson picks up the phone. Wilson realizes that he is late for his presentation and that House has taken his pants. House is giving Wilson's address to the conference. Wilson enters to hear House altering the speech which gives him kudos, words that Wilson needs to hear. Wilson tells House that he is angry that he disregarded his wishes. House thinks he did Wilson a favor by getting the paper out there without risk to his reputation.

House calls into the patient room to explain that the blood is what is killing Jordan. She has hemochromatosis, which caused Vibrio vulnificus from eating oysters at the hotel dining room. The iron supplements she was given for bulimia caused the internal bleeding. She can be treated with ceftazidime for the Vibrio and chelated for the hemochromatosis.

After treatment, Jordan's health improves. Her parents attempt to put work on hold to be there for her, but there is an urgent work call that takes priority. Jordan says that she did not even have the courage to knock on Keener's hotel door. Cameron realizes that she was mistaken about Keener.

House and Wilson sit awkwardly with Cuddy and Lucas to find out about their relationship. They see the couple interact with Cuddy's baby. Wilson acknowledges that House was right about him. His patient died from a heart attack anyway.

Cameron confronts Chase and he tells her the truth about killing Dibala.

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