Episode 1.12 : The Cost of Living

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

December 09, 2013





Show Period

2013 - 2014

Production Company

Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Frederick E.O. Toye


Rick Eid, Jeffrey Nachmanoff

Main Cast

  • Toni Collette as Dr. Ellen Sanders
  • Dylan McDermott as Duncan Carlisle
  • Tate Donovan
  • Rhys Coiro
  • Billy Brown
  • Sandrine Holt
  • James Naughton
  • Quinn Shephard
  • Quinn Shephard

Additional Cast

  • Larry Mitchell
  • Montego Glover
  • Samuel Traylor
  • Tonya Glanz


Brian goes to the police to expose the kidnappers, but changes his mind after Burton shows him a photo of Ellen kissing Duncan. After Brian confronts Ellen, she confides in him what Duncan's real motivation is and suggests that Duncan is not all bad. Brian refuses to accept Duncan's moral choice, so he covertly calls Nina and tells her the awful truth about her husband. After facing a moral conundrum in the O.R., Ellen decides that she cannot in fact go through with killing the President - she swings back to Brian's side and decides to resist Duncan's plan. Meanwhile, Duncan loses even more of his soul when his decision to help Blair eliminate a Secret Service agent leads to the death of one of his oldest friends. He's still reeling from this loss when he's confronted by his wife, who demands to know if the things Brian told her were true...

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