Happy Town

Episode 1.02 : I Came to Haplin for the Water

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Episode Premiere

May 05, 2010





Show Period

2010 - 2010

Production Company

ABC Studios, Space Floor Television

Cast and Crew


Gary Fleder


Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, Scott Rosenberg

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Frances Conroy as Peggy Haplin
  • M.C. Gainey
  • Abraham Benrubi
  • Linda Kash
  • Peter Outerbridge
  • Lynne Griffin
  • Natalie Brown
  • Greg Bryk
  • Brittany Kay
  • Marcia Bennett
  • Diane Gordon
  • Anna Ferguson
  • Deborah Grover
  • Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
  • Daniel Petronijevic
  • Matt Hopkins


Sheriff Conroy is rushed to the hospital after chopping off his hand. He shouts gibberish about Chloe, the only girl he ever loved. He says, "Tommy, these people...they're wicked. And I don't mean ordinary wicked. Their blood is black and their souls are hideous." Tommy has no idea what this means. When they lift up the sheriff's severed hand, his wedding ring slips off his finger and bounces to the ground.

When we last saw Henley Boone, she was about to open a door on the forbidden third floor of Dot Meadows' boarding house. Too bad it was locked. This forces Henley to swipe Dot's key, make a quick duplicate and return the original before Dot's the wiser. During this risky venture, she gets some unexpected help from Merritt Grieves who distracts Dot with an impromptu foxtrot in another room.

Tommy is summoned to Weeping Wall, a most luxurious estate and home to Peggy Haplin (Frances Conroy). She asks Tommy to step in as acting sheriff of Haplin County. Tommy knows that Roger Hobbs is much more qualified for the job, but she wants him. And we get the sense that whatever Peggy Haplin wants, Peggy Haplin gets. Just before a town meeting, Tommy tells Mrs. Haplin that he must decline her offer. But she announces him as his dad's successor anyway. Looks like there's a new sheriff in town and his name is Tommy Conroy.

Georgia struggles with the fact that she was at the pond the night of Jerry Friddle's murder. If she says anything, her secret love affair with Andrew Haplin won't be so secret anymore. While grabbing a coffee at the hospital, Georgia meets a stranger who is a fan of the cafeteria's tapioca. He pours her some cream. Georgia is at the hospital to see Sheriff Conroy. We're not exactly sure why the stranger is there.

While visiting the sheriff in his room, Georgia hears his voice even though he's unconscious. Then things get a bit trippy. Georgia becomes disoriented, realizing the stranger may have put something in the cream. She races through the hospital, collapsing on the floor inside an elevator. The doors open and the stranger steps inside. He wants to know what Georgia saw in the ice shack. Did she see who killed Jerry Friddle?

Georgia passes out and awakens when she hears raucous noise coming from another room. It's the Stiviletto brothers. Somehow, she's in their house. When the boys realize their guest is awake, they tell her Baby Boy wants to say hi. The slowest Stiviletto brother asks Georgia if she'd like some tapioca. Totally freaked, Georgia takes off into the night. Later, when Andrew sees a bruise on Georgia's face, he believes it came at the hand of her father. Andrew promises that he's going to kill him.

When Tommy finds out what happened to Georgia, he pays a visit to the Stivilettos, though not as a sheriff. This is personal. Tommy gives a pretty impressive smackdown to three of the brothers, who claim they only found Georgia on their living room floor. Root Beer interrupts Tommy's off-the-record interrogation with a phone call from the lab. Traces of dough containing fluoride in New York City tap water were found on Jerry Friddle's body. There's only one place in town that serves that kind of dough: Big Dave's Pizza Barn.

Tommy convinces Big Dave's mom to let him look around his best buddy's basement where he finds a hidden room. It's filled with clipping and pictures of all the victims taken by the Magic Man. There's also a photo of Jerry Friddle on the wall. Tommy turns when he hears Big Dave say, "You weren't supposed to see this."

Dave killed Jerry Friddle because he thought he was the Magic Man, but Friddle had a rock solid alibi when two of the victims disappeared. Dave says Friddle told him where the bodies are, though his claim came while under duress. Tommy isn't sure what his next move should be. At the office, Tommy is visited by Dan Farmer of the State Police. He says Captain Frost sent him to help with the Friddle investigation. He also looks a lot like the stranger Georgia met at the hospital.

Back at the boarding house, Henley uses her new key to enter the forbidden room. It's filled with caged birds. Henley walks past them to a spot on the floor that houses a secret hiding spot. Under the floorboards, she opens a case that holds mysterious hammer with a head that bears an evil-looking design.

The next day, Henley makes a call stating that she'll be leaving Haplin once she reveals who she truly is. She drives a rental car along a lonely road with the hammer on the front seat when...SMASH! A large bird crashes through the front windshield. Henley spins out of control, crashing into the woods. The bird is fine and flies away. As for Henley...

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