Growing Up Fisher

Episode 1.09 : Desk/Job

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Episode Premiere

April 22, 2014





Show Period

2014 - 2014

Production Company

Aggregate Films, Universal Television

Cast and Crew


Eric Appel


David Holden

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Bill Fagerbakke
  • Carla Jimenez
  • Matthew Glave
  • Logan Miller
  • Aloma Wright
  • Jean Villepique
  • Bashir Gavriel


After a trip to popular Swedish furniture store Ikenberry, Joyce puts together a brand new desk... only to discover she hates it. Katie suggests she lean on Mel to return it (he always gets what he wants), but Joyce wants to do it herself and drags Katie and the desk back to Ikenberry. Problem is, Joyce is terrible at confrontation - a trait Katie realizes they might share when she learns her boyfriend, Anthony, lied to her in order to attend a Dodgers game. As they wait in the return line, Katie musters the nerve to call Anthony and surprises herself by breaking up with him on principle! Joyce channels her daughter's energy when she believes someone stole her number in line and proves just as savvy at demanding results... except it turns out her missing number was stuck to her pants. Embarrassed, she and Katie agree to cut their losses, make a quick exit - and swipe the floor model of a desk Joyce likes. Take that, Ikenberry!

Meanwhile, when Mel learns that Henry quit the debate team, he spoils Henry's day off by bringing him to the law firm to bolster his confidence. But just hanging around the well oiled Mel machine leaves Henry unchanged. Mel realizes what Henry needs is a win. He orchestrates the perfect scenario involving raffle tickets that Uncle Glen needs help selling and, sure enough, Henry nails it, convincing the whole office to buy in. Henry's confidence soars - until he discovers Mel set the whole thing up. He feels like a failure, but it doesn't last long. Henry joins Mel in the courtroom just in time to witnesses something incredible: Mel actually loses a case! Mel's just as shocked at his own fallibility as his son but manages to make it a teaching moment, reminding Henry to always try his best even though it might not end in success. And no matter what happens, Mel will always be proud of him.

The Fishers come together at Joyce's house to help her with the new desk. However, once she sees it inside, she's not so sure about it anymore. Is it too small? Maybe the first one was better... Mel, Henry and Katie can't believe it and immediately walk away. No way are they going back to Ikenberry.

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