Episode 3.15 : Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe...Or Not

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

February 22, 2010


ABC Family


Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2007 - 2011

Production Company

Piller Squared/The Segan

Cast and Crew


Mark Rosman


Roger Grant

Main Cast


It's countdown to Valentine's Day, and the two biggest parties are being hosted by the still-feuding KTs and Omega Chis. No love there! Cappie and Casey reminisce over their V-Day, freshman year, when he threw up (on her shoes, she admits later) after drinking the bottle of vodka he' given her. Classy! He promises to get her the best present ever this year. Then his mission becomes their competition, when she fibs about the awesomeness of her present for him. It's great, it's perfect, it's imaginary! She doesn't have a clue what to get him either, but they're determined to outdo each other. Ashleigh and Pete are going to the OX dance together. They've only been dating two weeks, but she likes him a lot. Her Fisher wounds finally seem to have healed. Until Gamma Psi Natalie turns out to be Pete's ex... or maybe not? She's not over him and, thanks to her mind games, it's not clear to Ash that he's over her. Cue massive Fisher flashback! But Pete convinces her it's just a misunderstanding. Even so, things get weird, and suddenly everyone at the OX dance is listening as Natalie announces that ZBZ burned down her house. Ash manages to turn the tables and make Natalie look "crazy." After she storms out, Pete apologizes to Ash and they seal the deal with a kiss. Rusty's almost ready to accept his fate as loneliest guy on campus. He's only ever had one Valentine, and that was his mom! But Casey's got a plan. See, Gamma Psi Katherine is dateless too. In fact, she's never had a Valentine either. Hoping to get back on her good side, Casey sets up these two geeks, but the pre-date screening drink (Katherine's idea) is like torture. Everyone's sorry afterward... except Katherine, who comes over to Casey's room and starts gushing about Rusty! Great, right? Except now Casey has to get Rusty to agree to take her out. He makes Casey give him access to her car for a month in exchange for talking Katherine to the KT party. The surprise? The geeks really hit it off. At least until Rusty blurts out that Casey bribed him to ask her. Katherine's furious! She won't be anyone's charity case. She jumps up to yell, but a stray arrow nails her (literally; the KTs set up an archery range for target practice, Cupid-style). The freak accident adds injury to insult, and they spend the rest of their date in the ER. But when Rusty gets her home, they both admit it was actually their least sucky V-Day ever. Thet part on an awkward but hopeful note. Calvin's convinced the romance is gone with Grant. Living togethr -- grooming details and all has killed the mystery. Grant doesn't think so; he promises a night of romance, starting with the two of them going to the OX dance together. But when he shows up looking ultra-flamboyant, Calvin's not happy. Ashleigh and Bex both tell him to lighten up. Later, when Calvin finds Grant in their room spreading rose petals on the bed, he remembers why his stud of a boyfriend is so totally worth it. Evan and Rebecca are still taking baby steps. They're going to the OX dance together, mostly to mock people, but Evan thinks V-Day is the perfect time to wow his anti-love girlfriend. So he buys her a diamond necklace. She's a little freaked. Then, when Calvin tells her Evan's falleb for her, HARD, she flees in a panic and winds up at the KT party. She pounds shots alone until Beaver walks by and she throws herself at him in a lift of self-sabotage. The night's bearly over, and C-squared are still present-free. Cappie drives Casey to a ... convenience store? Parked in the Bronco, she gives him her present, which is that she's wearing sexy lingerie under her coat. He thinks that IS a pretty great present. But he manages to outdo her, describing the moment he fell in love with her in that very store during freshman year. He says he's loved her every day since. She melts and, if it's possible, is more in love than ever.

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