Episode 2.04 : Magic Number

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Episode Premiere

July 09, 2014




Drama, Action

Show Period

2013 - Now

Production Company

Fox Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Marc Roskin


Aaron Fullerton

Main Cast


Hoping to bolster his bus case with hard evidence, Mike tasks Jakes with taking a job as a depot mechanic. The self-destructive agent's drinking nearly scotches the plan, but when the depot manager shows himself to be a sympathetic spirit, Jakes finds a way to use the wreckage of his life to their advantage.

Back in DC, Jessica sticks her neck out to save Mike's op. At the same time, a bust at a brothel convinces Paige that the "Tinkerbells" are being used as more than drug mules, while Johnny dodges danger during a drug-fueled night of clubbing with Carlos Solano Jr.'s inner circle.

Meanwhile, the revelation that the FBI won't release death benefits to Kelly Badillo leaves Briggs and Charlie racked with even more guilt. But while Briggs is resigned to the situation, Charlie is dead set on fixing it. And when she comes across a small time criminal with a big time amount of heroin to move, she sees the answer to their problem...one that could wind up putting their own heads on the chopping block.

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