Episode 2.02 : Connects

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Episode Premiere

June 18, 2014




Drama, Action

Show Period

2013 - Now

Production Company

Fox Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Stephen Surjik


David Simkins

Main Cast


With Mike in need of some answers, Briggs travels to Mexico for a meet with Caza, a fact that doesn't sit too well with Charlie.

At the same time, Jakes forges ahead with his plan to leave Graceland for a new life as a responsible father to his son, Daniel. Elsewhere, Paige is instructed to wrap up her ongoing investigation into a drug manufacturer in order to focus on Mike's operation, further compounding her frustration at the way her former housemate has just barged back into her life.

Meanwhile, Briggs returns from Mexico with a deal that will get Mike the information he needs, and hopefully move him a step closer to making up for all the pain he has caused. But when Charlie reveals she has been looking into Juan Badillo's widow, Briggs realizes that the wounds from his past may not heal as quickly as he hoped...

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