The Good Wife

Episode 4.15 : Going for the Gold

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Episode Premiere

March 03, 2013





Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

CBS Paramount Network Television, Scott Free Prod

Cast and Crew


Rosemary Rodriguez


Leonard Dick

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Melissa Errico
  • Robert Stanton
  • Helen Anker
  • Nathan Stark


Eli's trial comes to a head when opposing counsel Josh Perrotti reveals that he has a new co-conspirator who is ready to testify that Eli bought votes. With the help of Elsbeth Tascioni and Kalinda, Eli learns that Frank Landau, head of the Chicago DNC, is the government's new witness against him. In order to force the justice department to tip their hand, Alicia and Elspeth take Landau to civil court on a defamation claim so that they can question him under oath. They soon learn that the justice department has other witnesses ready to testify against Eli as well. Peter gears up for a debate against Maddie Hayward, and is torn about what to do when his gut feeling contradicts the advice of his new campaign manager, Jordan Karahalios. Alicia faces her first difficult moment as a partner when Diane tells her to reduce the number of billable hours on the Bishop case, but her team needs as much time as they can to do the job right. Will again tries to get Lockhart/Gardner hired to represent the State's Attorney's Office. In the process, he begins seeing ASA Laura Hellinger.

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