The Good Wife

Episode 2.13 : Real Deal

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Episode Premiere

February 08, 2011





Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

CBS Paramount Network Television, Scott Free Prod

Cast and Crew


Michael Zinberg


Robert, Michelle King

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Method Man
  • Jennifer Mudge
  • Jeremy Strong
  • Susan Misner
  • Christopher Sieber


When a miscarriage/infertility cluster in a suburban neighborhood appears to have been caused by poorly disposed pesticides, Alicia and her team pound the pavement rounding up clients in a possible multi-million dollar class action lawsuit.

But they're not alone. Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) returns, this time representing his own rival firm also looking to represent the neighborhood. Since he spent the last decade of his life working for a pharmaceutical company to break up class action lawsuits exactly like this, Alicia is skeptical of his good intentions. When the judge orders that whoever signs up the most households will be awarded the class, the race is on.

But dealing with Louis is never easy. As the feud grows more personal between him and Alicia, LGB learns that there may be a mole in the company working for him. When Kalinda uncovers key logging software on Alicia's computer, it seems as though he's been spying on their internal emails the whole time. Later in the episode, though, we learn that it wasn't Louis who installed the software - it was Derrick Bond.

By the end of the week, Canning and LGB have split the neighborhood down the middle. Judge Abernathy orders both classes to merge, and Alicia and Canning find themselves both at the same table. A meeting at PRC Chemicals, the company being sued, shows the problem that both counsels find themselves in. LGB are shooting for a $55 million dollar verdict, while Canning is after a $2 million dollar settlement.

In the end, LGB uncovers an internal document that PRC sent to Canning detailing the exact numbers they would settle for. Canning had taken it to a hedge fund, whom he was working with to keep the number down. Once the document is out in the open, Canning's cover is blown and LGB is awarded the class.

As this is happening, Diane and Will conspire to strip Bond of his power and kick him out of the firm. But just when they think they have the votes, Bond brings in a Super PAC as a client. Since Bond is still acting as the rainmaker, Will and Diane's coup must stay on hold as they struggle to keep their power bloc together. They decide to use Bond's key logging software against him, writing phony emails in an attempt to get him to fire his staunchest supporters.

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