Golden Boy

Episode 1.12 : Beast of Burden

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 07, 2013





Show Period

2013 - 2013

Production Company

Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Karen Gaviola


Andi Bushell, Alex Katsnelson

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Michael Madson
  • Dan Hedaya
  • Eric Morris
  • Trieste Kelly Dunn
  • Richard Kind


When high end call girl Talia Price is found dead in a hotel room, Clark is pleased to learn Deputy Mayor Holbrook is involved after the security footage shows him meeting with her. Holbrook claims he is being set up as someone had drugged him that night. Clark is upset when his girlfriend Margot, Holbrook's ex-wife, is pursued as a suspect given her past altercation with Talia. Holbrook threatens Clark with his knowledge of the false alibi he gave as a child in his father's trial and Clark counters with documents detailing the individuals who facilitated Holbrook's kickbacks. Holbrook pinpoints one man named Sarven who could have targeted him. When the team finds evidence that Sarven and Talia's pimp Jordan were recently in contact, they get Jordan to reveal that Sarven gave him money to set up Holbrook by taking compromising pictures of him to use as blackmail and that Sarven killed Talia when she backed out of the scheme. Clark shoots and kills Sarven in self-defense, but he is placed under investigation after being suspected of planting the gun Sarven used. Clark and Owen believe Holbrook is behind the frame job but discover he has gone rogue. Meanwhile, Diaco struggles with the decision to put his father in a nursing home.

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