Golden Boy

Episode 1.09 : Atonement

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 16, 2013





Show Period

2013 - 2013

Production Company

Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Vince Misiano


Brett Mahoney, Andi Bushell

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Ron Yuan
  • Polly Draper
  • Trieste Dunn
  • Natasha
  • Alexander Cendese


The unit arrives at the crime scene of Father Luis Santoya, a priest who was murdered while delivering food for the church breakfast program. They follow the trail of footprints marked with syrup and juice to find Natasha Radkovich (from episode 102) covered in Father Santoya's blood. Natasha tells McKenzie that Father Santoya had let her stay at the rectory and that she had hoped to save him by giving him CPR. They search Natasha's room at the rectory to find stolen goods from various homes stashed there. A fingerprint for street kid Drazen Babic is found at one of the burglarized homes and they discover he had been seen with Natasha around the church. She looks good for the murder. Natasha explains that she brought Drazen to the church in an attempt to help him and believes his cousin Pookie might know how to find him. Clark agrees to let Natasha try talking to Pookie, but when she disappears into Pookie's apartment and out the window he believes she has gone rogue. Clark and Owen track down Pookie and question him to learn that Drazen had planned to meet someone at his designated fence. They confront Drazen there, but he escapes by holding Natasha hostage and shooting her during a car chase. A barely conscious Natasha directs them to trace her cell phone left in Drazen's car and they find it there along with a train schedule indicating his planned trip. After cornering Drazen at the train station and bringing him into custody, they play back a cell phone recording on Natasha's phone in which he discusses killing Father Santoya. Natasha is exonerated and recovers in the hospital. Clark and Margot's relationship progresses in spite of the fact that Clark discovers that Margot is married to Deputy Mayor Carlton Holbrook and is in the process of getting a divorce. Agnes finds Nora after she had gone missing and confronts her about her habit of broken promises.

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