Golden Boy

Episode 1.08 : Scapegoat

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Episode Premiere

April 09, 2013





Show Period

2013 - 2013

Production Company

Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Jamie Babbit


Phil Klemmer, Alex Katsnelson

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Owen and Clark are called to the scene of murdered City Councilman Isaac Neville. After discovering a text on Isaac's phone from reporter Margot Dixon, they question her to learn she had contacted him regarding her upcoming exposé on his campaign fraud. She had received an anonymous tip off letter leading to evidence that his son and Chief of Staff, Tyler, had withdrawn money from the campaign. They question Tyler again and he explains that his dad was helping him take care of his gambling debts owed to a bookie but the bookie's alibi checks out. Owen researches Tyler's emails to uncover his hostile message to a student, Lucy Reyes, who also served as an intern is Isaac Neville's office. They speak to Lucy who explains that she and Isaac were in love and that Tyler had paid her off to stay away. After Lucy mentions that Isaac's wife Lydia had found out about the affair, they talk to Lydia and she reveals that her son had been taking the blame for all of his father's transgressions. The autopsy report comes back noting traces of wood resin found on the back of Isaac's head. Owen notices the different placement of the autographed bat in Isaac's office in comparison to a newspaper picture of him with the bat in the background. When they tell Tyler about taking the bat in for a DNA test, he runs out onto the ledge of the building as a suicide attempt and Owen manages to pull him back. Tyler confesses that he killed his father with the bat as he was tired of facilitating all of his father's indiscretions. Tyler had sent the tip off letter hoping to end his father's political career and resultant need for cover ups. Owen and Arroyo compete for promotions and Nora upsets Agnes when she doesn't follow through on her word.

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