A Gifted Man

Episode 1.12 : In Case of Blind Spots

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Episode Premiere

February 03, 2012





Show Period

2011 - 2012

Production Company

CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Prod.

Cast and Crew


Peter Leto


Zachary Lutsky

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Adrian Martinez
  • Chivonne Michelle
  • Austin Lysy


­After hurting her back during a high school basketball game, Kate's 'little sister' goes back to the clinica with her mentor for a round of tests. But while the initial diagnosis is favorable, the girl collapses during practice the following day and is brought to Holt Neuro. When odd complications arise when Michael preps her for surgery, Kate is left wondering if her love for her mentee blinded her from some uncomfortable truths about the girl. While jogging, Michael spots a man drowning in the freezing river. Michael saves his life, but the man's identity remains mysterious. He claims to have a high-powered job, but his sister tells Michael that he's been laid off for months and has become estranged and distant since then. With E-Mo distracted by the imminent decision of whether or not to take a Huntington's test, the Holt Neuro staff is at a loss with how to treat him. After the man checks out in a huff, Michael believes that he's seen the More...last of his patient - until he runs into him again, on the street, having just gone blind.

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