A Gifted Man

Episode 1.10 : In Case of a Bolt from the Blue

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 06, 2012





Show Period

2011 - 2012

Production Company

CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Prod.

Cast and Crew


John Coles


Dawn DeNoon

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Chris Sullivan
  • Adrian Martinez
  • Laura Jordan


With a blizzard bearing down on the city, Michael furiously works to help out in the increasingly chaotic Clinica. First up is a middle-aged agoraphobic woman who Anna used to visit in order to ensure she was taking her medicine and sticking with her diabetic diet. But after three months alone, the patent's blood sugar is through the roof and she's starting to develop signs of dementia as well. The staff realizes that they need to bring her to the Clinica for immediate treatment, despite her crippling agoraphobia. At the same time, a young hypochondriac comes in complaining about a ruptured eardrum. As new, bizarre symptoms keep presenting themselves, Michael realizes that his patent really did suffer something exceptional - he was struck by lightning. Through it all, Michael fights through his own pain - a hernia caused by an ice hockey injury. But when the hernia becomes strangulated, Michael realizes he needs immediate surgery - and More...he's stuck at the Clinca.

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