Episode 2.15 : Behind the Blue Line

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

July 09, 2010


Ion Television, CTV


Drama, Action, Thriller

Show Period

2008 - 2013

Production Company

Avamar Ent., Pink Sky Ent.

Cast and Crew


David Frazee


Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Matt Cooke
  • Grahame Wood
  • Shawn Roberts
  • Jonathan Goldapple
  • Drew Finnie
  • Danny Wells
  • Scott Wickware
  • Tom Barnett
  • Jeff Pustil
  • Madeleine Donahue


One of the great landmarks of the city is about to be torn down and turned into condos. A sniper shooting takes place in the arena and the SRU is called in. It turns out that the shooter is an ex-military war veteran and is a trained marksman. Sam connects with the young veteran by talking to him about being in Afghanistan and what that does to your psyche. Everyone thinks he is making headway with the young man until he tricks our group into believing he is giving himself up but instead takes Parker as a hostage. Sam blames himself, feeling he has been reckless and lead with his heart in this circumstance. Parker talks the young veteran out of shooting him, but in the end, the shooter had intended to take his own life all along. He was the soul survivor of a suicide bombing in the war and was not able to live anymore with the survivor's guilt.

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