Fairly Legal

Episode 2.07 : Teenage Wasteland

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Episode Premiere

April 27, 2012


USA Network


Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2011 - 2012

Production Company

Universal Cable Productions

Cast and Crew


Tawnia McKiernan


Ish Goldstein

Main Cast


Elite private school Burgess Hall, Kate's alma mater, is facing a potential lawsuit over the expulsion of a student, and Kate has been called in to help. Though Lauren is eager to sign the school up as a new client, it soon becomes clear that Kate's unhappy high school days have left her with a grudge that could get in the way of her partner's plan.

It certainly doesn't help that as Kate begins to investigate the cheating charges against the student, she learns that there's more to the story-and that it may involve a very inappropriate relationship between Eliza and the teacher who accused her of cheating. The question is, will Kate be able to get to the truth and negotiate a settlement that preserves the school's reputation-and Reed & Reed's chances of signing Burgess Hall as a client-or will her resentment cloud her judgment and force the case off the rails?

Meanwhile, Justin and Ben face off in a negotiation of their own as they attempt to hash out a deal between the city and Ben's client, a performance artist whose latest stunt involved the Gold Gate Bridge, a bungee cord, and a parrot costume.

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