Fairly Legal

Episode 2.06 : What They Seem

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Episode Premiere

April 20, 2012


USA Network


Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2011 - 2012

Production Company

Universal Cable Productions

Cast and Crew


Anton Cropper


Tom Donaghy

Main Cast


When the two most infuriating men in her life-Justin and Ben-square off in a police brutality suit, Kate finds herself in a familiar position: stuck in the middle.

Ben's client, felon Andre Chernof, is accusing the San Francisco police department of brutality, a charge the city (led by Justin) vehemently denies. Though Kate suspects that there's more to the story than she's hearing, no cop will come forward with the truth. Undeterred, Kate and Leo attempt to unravel what really happened. But they'll have to figure it out fast, or Ben might try to make his case by hanging an innocent cop out to dry.

Meanwhile, Lauren is facing a serious problem of her own: embittered former client Ian Saunders is accusing her of embezzling his money, and attempting to get her disbarred. Lauren's attempts to handle the situation herself aren't working, which means that to save her reputation and her career, she may just have to turn to the last person on the planet she'd ever want to ask for help: Kate.

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