Fairly Legal

Episode 2.04 : Shine A Light

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Episode Premiere

April 06, 2012


USA Network


Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2011 - 2012

Production Company

Universal Cable Productions

Cast and Crew


Allan Kroeker


Jamie Pachino

Main Cast


While mediating a severance deal between Graham Pace Aeronautics and Danny Martin, a soon-to-be former employee of the firm, Kate learns some disturbing news: the company is trying to cover up a potentially dangerous engineering flaw in one of their new engines. Danny wants to blow the whistle, but it's not as easy as it seems; to make sure the faulty airplanes never make it to the sky, Danny-and quite possibly his mediator-turned-lawyer Kate-will have to find a way to get the proof they need out of the Graham Pace offices and into the hands of the Justice Department. And they'll have to do it without getting caught, or risk consequences of the lifetime-in-federal-prison variety.

Meanwhile, Reed & Reed is facing a menace of its own, thanks to Ben's less-than-scrupulous ways. A disgruntled client is threatening to sue, forcing Lauren to step in to babysit Ben as he makes amends. Though the arrangement isn't pleasant for either of them, they'll have to find a way to appease their client-or Reed & Reed will have much bigger problems to worry about than feuding partners.

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