Fairly Legal

Episode 1.06 : Believers

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Episode Premiere

February 24, 2011


USA Network


Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2011 - 2012

Production Company

Universal Cable Productions

Cast and Crew


Tricia Brock


Jim Adler

Main Cast


When Kate is asked by client John Marsden to handle the termination of one of his employees, the job seems straightforward enough. Unfortunately the firee, Marcus Wright, isn't willing to go without a fight. Wright is contractually obligated to abandon a prototype he is developing, but he doesn't want to hand it over. Soon, this simple firing has become a rooftop standoff. Now, Kate's got her hands full trying to find a way to find the missing prototype, keep Marcus out of jail, and make her client, Marsden, happy.

Lauren doesn't have it much easier as she attempts to handle a divorce case for an important client. As it turns out, that's not so easy to do when one of the parties involved refuses to leave his secluded cabin in the woods, let alone sign divorce papers. But luckily for her client, Lauren can be very persuasive. Looks like Kate might not be Reed & Reed's only expert in dispute resolution.

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