Everybody Hates Chris

Episode 1.19 : Everybody Hates Drew

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 20, 2006




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2009

Production Company

Chris Rock Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Jerry Levine


Gregory Thompson, Aaron Abrams

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Stoney Jackson
  • Simone Battle
  • Tasia Sherel
  • Courtenay Taylor
  • Jackee Harr


Drew has always been great at everything and Chris is fed up with it. Chris joins a free karate class and learns how to break a hand. Drew learned karate from watching TV and he's very adroit at it. When Drew sees Chris practicing he challenges him and Chris breaks his hand. Afterwards Chris is wracked with guilt and he confesses to everybody except Drew. Julius explains to Chris that no matter Drew is his brother and that trumps everything else. Chris finally confesses to Drew who explains that he really does look up to Chris and brags about Chris being his older brother.

Rochelle, fed up with doing Tonya's hair, takes Tonya to the beauty shop. Where Tonya gets her hair done and learns how to gossip. Julius hears Tonya's gossip and doesn't want Tonya going back to pick up more bad habits. Rochelle tells Julius that she'll make sure she doesn't hear any more gossip. When Rochelle takes Tonya back she is assured that the ladies won't gossip with Tonya. But when Tonya starts gossiping with them and Rochelle and Julius they're all ears. When Rochelle finds out she school Tonya on the rules of the beauty shop: what happens at the beauty shop stays at the beauty shop.

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