Everybody Hates Chris

Episode 1.08 : Everybody Hates the Laundromat

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 10, 2005




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2009

Production Company

Chris Rock Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Ken Whittingham


Kriss Turner, Alyson Fouse

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • E'lon Cox
  • Anthony Ortiz
  • Lauren Patrice Nadler
  • Caroline Rice
  • Terrence Flack


Rochelle wakes Julius up on a Saturday morning, waving a sales advertisement in his face. Since their TV is on the fritz, she wants them to go shopping for a new color television. Unfortunately for Chris, this means he's going to have to spend the day at the local laundromat with Drew and Tonya in tow. Rochelle's only request: Don't mix the colors with the whites. The laundromat is packed and Chris becomes frustrated as he competes with fellow patrons for washing machines and laundry carts. His siblings uncooperative behavior only makes things worse. When Chris decides to take a nap, he wakes up to find that their clothes are missing and that Tonya has used part of their laundry money to buy a can of soda. Luckily, the family's clothes are recovered, but now Chris doesn't have enough money left to do two separate washloads. He hates Tonya! Chris eventually nabs a washing machine, but ends up having to wash the colors and the whites together, which, of course, turn pink. Momma's gonna kill him! Drew saves the day when he charms a pretty young woman who helps the kids rectify the situation with a little bleach. The woman gives Drew her number and asks him to call her when he turns 18. Later, the family gathers around to watch their brand new TV. When Tonya asks Chris if he really hates her, he says he doesn't. She just gets on his nerves sometimes.

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