Episode 6.07 : No More Drama

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August 23, 2009





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2004 - 2011

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HBO, Leverage

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Doug Ellin


Doug Ellin

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Vince's mansion is broken into in the middle of the night. While the cops see no sign of an intruder, the maid discovers all of the guys' underwear has been stolen so Ari urges Vince to call his security guy. Lloyd informs Drama that he's not needed on set that day and the guys tell Drama to suck it up and apologize to Dan Coakley. Eric starts his new job and immediately bumps up against fellow manager Scott when he mentions he knows Bob Saget (who Murray is eager to sign). When Saget will only talk to E, and demands to have sex in Murray's office as a stipulation for signing, Scott makes E take the offer to Murray who ultimately agrees. After several failed attempts at apologizing, Drama finally grovels in person and Coakley tells him he's not firing him - he's going to torture him instead. Meanwhile, Vince and Turtle go gun shopping thinking they can handle security themselves, but are dismayed by the 10-day waiting period. When Drama brings some guns home and one goes off, Vince decides it's time to call in the pros.

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