Eleventh Hour

Episode 1.15 : Electro

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

February 26, 2009




Sci-Fi, Horror

Show Period

2008 - 2009

Production Company

Jerry Bruckheimer Television

Cast and Crew


Nick Gomez


Heather Mitchell, Andre Bormanis

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Bon Ogle
  • Jeris Lee Poindexter
  • Jackie Kreisler
  • Jamie Burton-Oare
  • Jonathan Goldstein
  • John Prosky
  • Dana May Salah
  • Molly Price
  • Jamison Yang
  • Mina Badie
  • Taylor Nichols
  • Rob Smith
  • Michael Bolus


When thirty people are killed on one night after being hit by lightening, Hood, Rachel and Felix travel to Massachusetts to investigate. Hood discovers that all the victims have a virus that causes a microwiring system to grow in their skin, depleting them of essential minerals and making them highly conductive -- they're human lightening rods and being out in a storm could kill them. Worse than that, people with this virus also attract power out out electrical appliances and can be electrocuted touching a toaster. Hood and Rachel must find the source of this virus, stops its transmission and find a cure for those already infected.

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