Easy Money

Episode 1.7 : Bella Roma

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

August 09, 2009


The CW


Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2008 - 2009

Production Company

Media Rights Capital

Cast and Crew


Max Tash


Diane Frolov, Andrew Schneider

Main Cast

  • Laurie Metcalf as Bobette Buffkin
  • Jeff Hephner
  • Katie Lowes
  • Jay Ferguson
  • Nick Searcy
  • Marsha Thomasan


Julia (Marsha Thomason) finally meets the entire Buffkin clan when Bobette (Laurie Metcalf) insists she join Morgan (Jeff Hephner) for their family dinner. Julia is getting closer to Morgan, a fact which her lab professor, Dimitri (guest star James Michael McCauley) is not comfortable with. He believes Morgan is nothing but a gangster, an opinion Chuck Habib (guest star Sayed Badreya, "W." "Iron Man") might share. Chuck, an RV salesman late on his payments to Prestige Payday Loans, pulls a gun on Morgan and Bobette, he's so rattled by their visit. And Chuck's not the only one with money problems: sisters in prostitution, Sherry (guest star Kate Marshall Lehman) and Amber St. John (guest star Kathryn Gould) have landed on the streets. They promise to pay Prestige back if Bobette and Morgan can help put a new roof over their heads. Brandy (Katie Lowes) is feeling the stress of her marital and financial problems, an emotional fact she's hardly able to cover up, even though Pastor Jeff (Mark Vasconcellos) has recruited her into the Crystal Belles, an elite church choir run by Randi Hammond (guest star Summer Sandoval). Meanwhile, the Mamayo Brothers (Peter Navy Tuiasosopo and Andy Brooks) proposition Brandy's husband Mike (Joe Peracchio) about working off the money he owes them by spying at Prestige. Mike and Brandy's night out with Cooper (Jay Ferguson) and Cherise (Kimberly Estrada) is strained when Cooper loans Mike a fistful of dollars while Cherise is clearly annoyed with Cooper's lack of attentiveness to her own financial needs.

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