Eastbound & Down

Episode 1.04 : Chapter 4

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Episode Premiere

March 08, 2009





Show Period

2009 - 2013

Production Company

Gary Sanchez Productions, Enemy MIGs Prod., HBO

Cast and Crew


David Gordon Green


Shawn Harwell, Jody Hill

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Daniel Bolton
  • Terry Bowden
  • Deacon Dawson
  • Zac Gardner


KENNY'S PITCHING CLINIC - in which his students dutifully avert their eyes while he launches wild tosses downfield - draws the attention of Principal Cutler, who invites Kenny to a barbecue he's throwing in his backyard. Hurt that April didn't invite him first (and determined to make her regret it) Kenny classes up Tracy as best he can and tries to make a splash at the party.

Stevie tries to pump the crowd for Kenny by showing his highlight reel, but no one's feeling it. April leaves to go to the bathroom, and when Kenny follows her, they share a heated moment in the bedroom - a moment which ends prematurely in Kenny's pants. Ashamed, he tries to collect his drunken date on the way out, but Cutler's also pounded down enough tequila to feel brave: He mocks Kenny, calling him a has-been, until April finally shuts him up. The night ends with Kenny sitting on Dustin's porch, weeping.

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