Eastbound & Down

Episode 1.02 : Training Day

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

February 22, 2009





Show Period

2009 - 2013

Production Company

Gary Sanchez Productions, Enemy MIGs Prod., HBO

Cast and Crew


David Gordon Green


Ben Best, Jody Hill

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Corshonda Springer
  • Maureen Mountcastle
  • Nora Mangrum
  • Sylvia Jefferies


CHAPTER TWO - Kenny tries to fire up his arm in the backyard with Wayne gunning the pitches, but even a wild throw that demolishes Cassie's bird bath fails to break 70 mph. Kenny pulls his day out of the crapper by lining up a paid appearance signing autographs at Ashley Schaeffer... BMW - even arranging for Clegg to chauffer him. The evening heads south, though, with Kenny fleeing in tears as Schaefer mocks him for refusing to throw a pitch to one of his fans.

Kenny finds a novel way to cope with the humiliation: Popping ecstasy and crashing his school's charity dance, where he ends a sweaty dance-tribute to April by puking and passing out cold. After waking up disoriented in the school library, he cusses out Principal Cutler before stumbling home. Stevie scoops him up on the highway, begging to be his best friend, and Kenny has a sudden epiphany. An assistant could be just what he's needed to focus full-time on his return to glory.

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