Desperate Housewives

Episode 3.07 : Bang

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Episode Premiere

November 05, 2006




Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2004 - 2012

Production Company

Cherry Alley

Cast and Crew


Larry Shaw


Joe Keenan

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Joe Sabatino
  • Anne Bellamy
  • Kathleen Gati
  • Maile Flanagan
  • Matt Casper
  • John C. Moskoff


Lynette dreams about Mary Alice and regrets not stopping her from killing herself. Gabrielle and Susan tell her there was nothing she could have done, but she is still troubled.

Bree confronts Orson with the police report Carolyn gave her and he explains that he never hit his first wife, but was only defending himself when she attacked him. He says if Carolyn paid enough attention to her own marriage, Harvey would never have cheated on her with some stewardess named Monique.

Bree accepts his version of events, so when Carolyn drives by, Bree tells her she doesn't believe that Orson beat his wife. When Carolyn won't let it drop, she tells her about Monique. A distraught Carolyn calls Harvey at work (he's a manager at Field's supermarket) and he admits the affair but that Monique is dead. She asks who he'd rather be with if Monique were still alive and he just tells her again that Monique is dead.

Nora plans to move to Mexico -- she's gotten a job dancing in a strip club in Tijuana! So she'll be taking Kayla with her. Lynette surprises Tom by suggesting they apply for full custody of Kayla.

The decision comes down in the Solis's divorce: Gabrielle's just getting the house while Carlos is getting everything in it. The bickering escalates when Gabrielle starts smashing vases and glasses, saying she's "helping him pack." He responds by taking a sledgehammer to the walls, saying he's "helping her remodel."

Susan finds the beer can that Austin left when Julie was helping him tutor and jumps to the wrong conclusions. Julie is ticked off that her mom would even suspect her of drinking and reminds her how responsible she's always been. But Susan doesn't have time to worry about it: She's leaving on a trip to Paris with Ian.

At Field's supermarket, Julie runs into Austin, who slips a bottle of whiskey into her backpack when she's not looking. At the checkstand, the bottle falls out and the cashier calls Harvey, who's on the phone with Carolyn, so he quickly hangs up on her. Edie and Susan are called in to deal with the shoplifting charge. Susan goes out to the limo -- running into Carolyn, who is just entering -- to tell Ian she can't go to Paris with him. He tries to talk her out of staying, but she says she can't leave Julie now and he reluctantly leaves by himself.

Inside the supermarket, Carolyn finds Harvey and pulls a gun on him. He runs and she follows, gun drawn.

Meanwhile, Lynette is also at Field's, and runs into an irate Nora, who has heard from the Scavos' lawyer about Kayla. The two are arguing heatedly when a shot rings out.

Harvey and Edie manage to reach his office and lock the door. Julie and Austin are just outside the office and they duck. He shields Julie when Carolyn points a gun at them and declares that everyone in the store is now her hostage, since Harvey is surely in there calling the police. Edie insists Harvey go out and talk to Carolyn, but he doesn't budge.

Lynette and Nora huddle together in fear. An employee tries to make it for the back door, but, to their horror, Carolyn shoots him in the shoulder. He staggers out, creating a panic when people realize there's a woman with a gun inside.

Lynette tries to call home but Carolyn discovers them and forces Lynette to hang up. She then goes to lock the door, just as Susan runs up to demand she let her in since there's a "crazy woman" inside. Carolyn says, "Yeah, I know," and holds up the gun.

News of the hostage situation reaches the neighborhood, but no one on Wisteria Lane knows who's inside. Everyone flocks to Bree's house because she's serving snacks while they watch the crisis unfold. Mrs. McCluskey interrupts Gabrielle and Carlos' fight -- which has left their house in chaos -- to tell them the news.

Carolyn has grouped all the hostages together. Julie asks Austin why he can be so calm and he says he knows that neither one of them is going to die today.

Bree feels terribly guilty when it's reported that Carolyn is the hostage taker. Andrew takes a phone call from Edie, who tells him that Julie, Austin and Lynette are among the hostages. Just then, Tom rings the bell to ask if Bree can watch the kids since Lynette is taking so long shopping. They break the news to him and he goes to the market, where he and Susan stand outside, helpless. Ian, having heard the news, has rushed back to be at Susan's side.

Gabrielle tells Carlos that she's scared of how out of control they've gotten and that she could easily be that woman in the market today. She says she hates the people they've become and he says, "Then let's stop being those people," and she says, "Okay."

Nora keeps trying to talk to Lynette about Kayla and when Carolyn tells her to shut up, Nora blurts out that Lynette is trying to steal her daughter. Lynette tries to explain their complicated relationship and mentions that Nora put the moves on her husband. Carolyn hears that and shoots Nora in the chest.

Lynette tries to help her, but the wound is fatal. Before she dies, Nora, begs Lynette to raise Kayla like she was her own daughter. Lynette yells at Carolyn, who raises the gun to fire, but Lynette's new neighbor throws a heavy object at her and the bullet only hits Lynette's arm. Austin tackles Carolyn and a woman picks up the gun -- and shoots Carolyn in the head. The hostages are all released and Susan is surprised to see Julie hug Austin. In her hospital bed, Lynette dreams of Mary Alice again for the last time. This time, a peaceful Mary Alice tells her "we can't prevent what we can't predict."

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Nicollette Sheridan, Felicity Huffman
ABC's 3rd Annual Primetime Preview Weekend
Sep 11, 2004