The Defenders

Episode 1.14 : Nevada V. Doug the Mule

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

February 11, 2011





Show Period

2010 - 2011

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Charlie Haid


Carolina Paiz

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Dan Aykroyd as Judge Max Hunter
  • Michael Chieffo
  • Ryan Pinkston
  • Kuno Becker
  • Kim Matula


In this episode of Defenders, Nick and Pete come to the defense of a young man who has been duped into smuggling drugs across the border by a young woman that he met in Mexico. The girl was actually a plant by the young man's father in an effort to help his shy and awkward son to have his first experience with a woman. Unknown to both the young man and Nick and Pete is that this woman was a prostitute who had been tricking vulnerable men into carrying cocaine across the border. In the mean time, the DA's office had been tracking her for a long time. So when Pete and Nick find a way to locate her, the State makes an immunity grant to her. If she agrees to testify on the young man's behalf, she will be granted immunity. The young man has to come to terms with the fact that he was lied to by his father. Pete and Nick get him off the hook for the smuggling charges by proving that he was a vulnerable man who was influenced by love.

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