The Defenders

Episode 1.06 : Nevada v. Rodgers

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Episode Premiere

October 27, 2010





Show Period

2010 - 2011

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Jamie Babbit


Niels Muellers, Kevin Kennedy

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Louis Herthum
  • Marshall Allman
  • David Norona


An Elvis impersonator attempts to rob the Elvis museum and Pete takes the case. Nick defends a young man on an armed robbery charge when he finds out he was only the get away driver. Pete hears that the famous Elvis O Rama museum has been hit in Vegas. He goes crazy because he is a huge Elvis fan. He ends up getting handed the case by the Public defender's office, and takes it with glee. The man who committed the robbery was a small town guy not too bright, who needed some extra money to pay the rent back home. He thought he could pull off the heist, and then sell the jewelry to some other Elvis impersonators, but the other Elvis impersonators sold him down the river out of loyalty to the King. Nick and Pete take on a case where a young man got caught up with the wrong group of guys. He agreed to drive them to a bar where they were getting payment for a gambling debt. Once inside the bar, the guys started shooting, and not only that, it was a cop bar. A cop was shot, and now the young man who was just a driver, is being held for felony murder and grand larceny charges. Nick is friends with this guy's father, who is doing everything he can to protect his boy from these trumped up charges. Nick helps them get the charges dismissed, and prove that there was jury tampering by the police force.

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