The Defenders

Episode 1.03 : Nevada v. Carter

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Episode Premiere

October 06, 2010





Show Period

2010 - 2011

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Jeff Melman


Peter Noah

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • J. August Richards
  • Michael Grant Terry
  • Christian S. Anderson


After losing a poker game, Pete is forced to take an armed robbery case no one wants. When he learns his client has been falsely accused, Pete's passion for justice gets the better of him and he quickly finds himself in need of a lawyer. Meanwhile, Nick defends a stripper accused of solicitation. Nick has his son for the weekend, and a retainer client calls late at night needing his services right away. The client happens to be a well known strip club in town. When Nick tries to reach Pete, (who is being slaughtered in a poker game), and can't reach him, he is forced to go down to the strip with his nine year old son. Hoping his son will wait in the car, he talks to the owner of the club, whose been busted by the LVPD vice for prostitution. The bottom line is that none of the girls at the club were selling sex. However, a man who had fallen in love with one of the girls, became hurt and disgruntled, and phoned in an anonymous tip that she has solicited him. In the mean time Pete defends a young African American man who is falsely accused of selling drugs and armed robbery. It turns out that a privileged college boy set the black kids up. He was looking for drugs and didn't want anyone to know, so he lied about the defendant. When Peter can't find a way to navigate this case due to all the road blocks that state is putting up, he loses his cool, and yells at the college boy to just do the right thing -- tell the truth and don't send an innocent man to prison. In the end Pete and Nick both prevail.

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