Episode 1.09 : Good Luck with Your Death

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Episode Premiere

March 04, 2013





Show Period

2013 - 2013

Production Company

Universal Television, BermanBraun

Cast and Crew


Jonas Pate


Jessica Goldberg

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • John Laroquette


After her traumatizing encounter with the assassin, Joanna can't sleep. Doing shots of scotch in the Bowers' kitchen, she's startled by Rayburn, who offers some veiled advice to watch herself. Clearly, Joanna's cover is unraveling. Will visits Edward to show him the Lyritrol file - a document incriminating the family business in the accidental medical deaths of multiple children, which he got off Andrei's jump drive. Will wants Edward to testify against his father, but Edward has plans to join his family in California. When Will explains exactly how he got his hands on the file, the revelation trips Edward up so that he gives a conflicting report of his alibi for the night Vivian died. Now he's a suspect again.

Robert holds a distinctive locket that belonged to his first wife Catherine, then flashes back to watching her play with young Julian and Vivian. In the present, Sofia wants to know why Robert invited Joanna back to the house after she lost his $500,000 and failed the polygraph. Robert wants Joanna close, in hopes of getting to the bottom of her deception. Changing the conversation, Robert gives Sofia some nice earrings and reiterates his commitment to their upcoming anniversary party. The next day, an anxious Edward storms over to Julian's loft to discuss his earlier run-in with Will. On her way out, Audrey admits to knowing about the kids who died in the Lyritrol trials. Since he didn't mention the kids at the press conference, Edward immediately asks Julian whether he told Audrey. He claims he didn't...

Desperate to control the fallout from the Lyritrol file leak, Robert suspects Joanna when his lawyers inform him about the internal leak. The only people who had access to the server room where the file was stored were the internal IT team, Edward and Robert, but Robert has no idea where the server room is. Oddly, his ID was swiped there on the same day Edward downloaded the file. Robert calls Joanna into his office to interrogate her about the past. Joanna answers confidently, but stumbles when Robert asks about the date of her wedding - the one part of her cover story that is true. She eventually recovers, and Robert sends her away; but Joanna's seriously worried that he may be on to her.

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