Episode 4.05 : We'll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off of This Thing

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

August 10, 2011


DirecTV, FX Network


Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Show Period

2007 - 2012

Production Company

FX Prod., Sony Pictures TV

Cast and Crew


David Tuttman


Nancy Fichman, Jennifer Hoppe-House

Main Cast


Ellen and Patty have decided to move Nasim to a safer place. Ellen escorts Nasim to his hotel to collect his belongings. Boorman poses as a cab driver. Just as Ellen and Nasim are about to enter Boorman's cab, Victor Huntley and a security team pick them up and take them to Hewes & Associates. Patty tells Ellen about Herndon's discovery on Dust Devil. She also informs Ellen about C.I.A.'s involvement, which means their phones could be bugged. Ellen connects "DD" with "Dust Devil."

Catherine falls ill and Patty consults with Dr. Weisler, who orders tests for the toddler. She recommends a private nursing service as well. Patty hires Angel Auroro to watch over Catherine. Patty meets with Dr. Weisler; it could be leukemia, but she still isn't sure.

Erickson meets with Jack Shaw about the new witness, Nasim. They suspect Sanchez sent Nasim over from Afghanistan. He confesses to Shaw about DD being a C.I.A. program and warns Shaw not to betray his C.I.A. contact since his contracts are dependent on the relationship.

Boorman follows Ellen, making notes on her routine. Patty and Ellen prep Nasim for the deposition. Shaw warns Erickson that the Dust Devil papers have been requested in discovery from Ellen. Erickson meets with a DOD official to discuss the discovery requests, and reminds him that it's in their best interest to conceal the information. Boorman tries to blow up Ellen's bus, but the bomb is discovered. Patty and Ellen meet with the F.B.I. about the bombing attempt. F.B.I. tests fingerprints found on the bomb, and arrest Nasim-Boorman set him up. Nasim is locked up and denied contact with Patty and Ellen.

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